Why PG&E Recommends Contacting a Local Electrician

Electricity is often taken for granted in our society, reliably powering our homes nearly all the time. When issues arise, the natural instinct is to call the utility provider, such as PG&E. However, there are instances where PG&E may advise homeowners to seek assistance from a local electrician. This isn’t due to a lack of concern on PG&E’s part but rather because the responsibility for electrical problems inside the home lies with the homeowner.

When Should You Call a Licensed Local Electrician?

Electrical issues can pose significant dangers if mishandled, leading to accidental shocks, fires, or appliance malfunctions. Each year, hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries occur due to electrocutions. Hiring a licensed local electrician reduces the risk of harm to yourself, your family, and your property. Unless you’re confident in your DIY skills, any electrical task beyond simple tasks like changing a light bulb or outlet cover should be left to the experts.

Common Issues Requiring an Electrician’s Help

For those not trained in electrical work, it’s advisable to enlist the assistance of a local electrician for various issues. Some common scenarios include:

  • Discovering a non-functional ceiling fan in a new home, often due to incorrect wiring. While not an immediate risk, having a working ceiling fan can enhance comfort, especially in summer.
  • Needing upgrades in an older home to comply with current building codes. Failure to meet these codes could impact future property sales and may result in costly repairs.
  • Noticing warm outlets, indicating potential wiring problems that could lead to electrocutions or fires. Prompt attention from a licensed electrician is essential for safety.

Questions to Ask When Hiring an Electrician

When seeking an electrician’s services, it’s crucial to ask pertinent questions to ensure reliability and competence. Key inquiries include requesting references and verifying the contractor’s license. While many trustworthy electricians are available, conducting due diligence minimizes the risk of encountering unscrupulous individuals.

If you’re having difficulty finding a reputable local electrician, consider reaching out to Experts In Your Home, a licensed electrician serving the Chico area. Their expertise and professionalism can provide the peace of mind you need when addressing electrical concerns.

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