Plumbing Assistance: Saving Water Indoors During the California Drought

Isn’t it ironic how Mother Nature seems to play tricks on us? While Illinois recently faced its wettest, stormiest June on record, Californians are grappling with a severe drought, straining water resources and posing risks to health and well-being.

With water conservation becoming increasingly vital, it’s time to bid farewell to the days of leaving faucets and showers running needlessly. The average American household consumes a staggering 260 gallons of water daily, much of which is avoidable.

Here’s where you can start with plumbing assistance to reduce indoor water usage during the California drought:

Address Leaks: Begin by inspecting major water sources in your home for leaks and drips, promptly fixing them to prevent water wastage. Even seemingly minor drips can result in significant water loss over time.

Focus on Key Areas:

Toilets: Accounting for about 30% of indoor water use, ensure your toilet isn’t running continuously due to a stuck handle. Consider upgrading to high-efficiency toilets for substantial water savings per flush.

Showers: Target showerheads, which consume around 20% of indoor water. Installing high-efficiency fixtures can save gallons per minute. In the interim, try turning off the water while lathering up.

Appliances: Washing machines and dishwashers are major water consumers. Opt for Energy Star appliances to reduce water usage significantly. When using existing appliances, be mindful of water levels and only run full loads.

Additional Steps:

Repurpose Water: Consider using water from sinks or tubs for watering indoor or outdoor plants before draining it.

Compost Instead of Disposing: Start a compost pile for food scraps instead of using the garbage disposal, which consumes water.

Refrigerate Water: Chill water in a pitcher in the refrigerator rather than letting the faucet run to get cold water, saving both water and energy.

Check for Leaks: Periodically monitor your water meter to detect leaks, seeking professional plumbing assistance if needed to locate and fix them promptly.

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