Making Home Adjustments to Relieve Your Heating System

It’s time to take action. When the coast is clear, consider dialing down the thermostat by just one degree. This simple tweak can provide much-needed relief to your heating system without sacrificing comfort.

And here’s a tip: the ideal moment to make this adjustment is right before bedtime, when everyone is likely snuggled up under cozy blankets anyway.

Temperature Modification Consistently maintaining this adjustment for eight hours can yield significant savings – approximately 1 percent on your annual heating bill for every degree lowered, as estimated by the U.S. Department of Energy. While this may seem modest, the savings can accumulate. For instance, by reducing the thermostat by 10 degrees for eight-hour periods, such as during work or school hours, you could save up to 10 percent annually on heating costs.

Installation of a Programmable Thermostat Taking things a step further involves investing in a programmable thermostat, allowing you to preset temperature adjustments in advance. Yet, flexibility is key. If schedules change or preferences differ, a simple override function enables manual adjustments with ease.

Additional Simple Changes If adjusting the temperature seems like a no-brainer, you’ll appreciate our other energy-saving suggestions at Experts In Your Home. These require minimal effort but promise tangible savings:

Identify and seal air leaks, particularly around windows and doors, using caulk. Practice on a piece of poster board if needed, as cleanup is straightforward with paper towels before the caulk dries.

Install insulation to retain heat within your home, a task made easy with batts and rolls of insulation.

Reverse ceiling fans to clockwise rotation to circulate warm air downward, maximizing heating efficiency.

Vacuum warm-air registers and ensure they’re unobstructed by furniture or drapes.

Utilize sunlight by keeping south-facing window treatments open during the day and closed at night to retain warmth.

Consider a tankless water heater to reduce energy waste associated with traditional water heaters. While not adjustments per se, regularly checking and replacing furnace filters and scheduling annual furnace maintenance with Experts In Your Home are crucial steps in maintaining system efficiency and managing energy costs.

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