Here are some electrical safety tips to avoid hazards associated with electric blankets:


  1. Regular Safety Checks: Electric blankets and heating pads involved in about 500 residential fires a year, particularly those more than 10 years old. Conduct regular safety checks and discard blankets exhibiting signs of damage such as dark spots, frayed cords, or malfunctioning controls.
  2. Safe Setup: Avoid using electric blankets on adjustable beds, sofas, or recliners where the wires could become pinched. Ensure control cords are not trapped between the mattress and box spring to prevent friction damage or fire hazards. Always spread out the blanket flat and never fold or bunch it up.
  3. Safe Usage: Refrain from using electric blankets for infants, small children, or those who cannot operate the controls. Place the blanket on top of you rather than below, and avoid sitting or laying directly on it to prevent damage to the internal coils. Keep heavy objects off the blanket to prevent overheating, and keep pets with sharp claws away. Never leave the blanket unattended for long periods, and unplug immediately if you notice smoke, sparks, or unusual odors.
  4. Safe Storage: When not in use, unplug the controls and loosely wrap the cords around them without pinching or straining. Fold the blanket loosely to avoid sharp creases and store it in a cool, dry place in a large storage bag, keeping the control unit separate.
  5. Don’ts: Avoid washing electric blankets in washing machines, as it can damage the internal coils. Do not dry clean or use solvents, and never iron the blanket, as heat can melt the insulation.

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