Can Space Heaters Reduce Your Heating System Bill?

As you navigate the post-holiday season and gear up for January, you might be feeling the chill of winter alongside the surprise of your recent home heating bill. While you anticipated a slight increase due to holiday festivities and guests, the bill suggests either excessive heating usage or an inefficient heating system. With winter still in full swing and holiday shopping expenses to manage, you may be seeking ways to cut costs without sacrificing warmth. Read on to explore whether using a space heater can be a solution.

Authored by Kiera Butler for Mother Jones, the article “Do Space Heaters Save Money and Energy?” delves into this query. The answer, succinctly put, depends on the extent of your heating needs. Generally, if you only require warmth in one or two rooms, space heaters can be more energy-efficient than relying solely on central heating. However, this efficiency comparison may vary if your central heating system is exceptionally effective, such as geothermal systems known for their efficiency.

According to Tom Simchak, a senior policy-research associate at the Alliance to Save Energy, while space heaters may use less energy per heat output for targeted areas, they typically lack the efficiency of a well-operating modern central heating system. Therefore, situations where equipping every room with space heaters outweighs central heating efficiency are rare.

If you opt for a space heater, selecting the appropriate type is crucial. For heating specific spots within a room, consider a radiant heater emitting infrared radiation. Conversely, for overall room warmth, a convection heater that warms the air is recommended by the US Department of Energy.

Despite the potential benefits, space heaters may not be the ultimate solution. They pose fire risks and may consume more energy than they save. Instead, to reduce your heating bill, consider conducting an energy audit to identify areas of heat loss in your home. Additionally, ensure regular maintenance of your heating system to optimize its efficiency. If you suspect your heating system requires an upgrade, consulting a heating system service company for evaluation is advisable. Contact Experts In Your Home for further assistance today!

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