Banish Your Worries: Address these 10 Home Maintenance Tasks Before They Become Problems

While many home maintenance tasks seem daunting, most are relatively simple and quick to complete. Yet, it’s all too easy to find excuses to put them off. At Experts in Your Home, we understand the repercussions of neglecting these tasks, having witnessed the costly consequences firsthand. From malfunctioning appliances to disastrous leaks, the aftermath of avoidance can be significant. Here are 10 essential home maintenance tasks you should tackle without delay:

  1. Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection: Ensure accessibility, pressure, and condition with a thorough monthly inspection using a checklist from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.
  2. Monthly Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Check: Test batteries and functionality monthly to prioritize safety, disregarding seasonal reminders for a proactive approach.
  3. Monthly Furnace and Air Conditioner Filter Check: Maintain HVAC efficiency and longevity by replacing filters regularly to prevent system shutdowns due to dust buildup.
  4. Monthly Plumbing Leak Inspection: Regularly inspect all water sources to address leaks promptly, preventing costly repairs and potential water damage.
  5. Biannual Dryer Vent Cleaning: Eliminate fire hazards by clearing dryer vents biannually to prevent blockages that can escalate danger.
  6. Biannual Refrigerator Coil Vacuuming: Boost energy efficiency and save on utility bills by cleaning refrigerator coils biannually, despite the inconvenience, for significant savings.
  7. Biannual Gutter Cleaning: Prevent water damage and pest infestations by clearing gutters regularly, especially in tree-dense areas where debris accumulates quickly.
  8. Biannual Window Well Cleaning: Avoid seepage issues and flooding by clearing window wells biannually to maintain proper drainage.
  9. Annual Water Heater Flushing: Enhance water heater efficiency and lifespan by flushing out sediment annually, reducing noise and ensuring optimal performance.
  10. Annual Window Screen Repair: Block insects effectively and maintain aesthetic appeal by patching or replacing damaged window screens annually to prevent unwanted invasions and maintain curb appeal.

By prioritizing these tasks, you can mitigate risks, prevent costly repairs, and ensure the long-term well-being of your home.


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