4 Varieties of Local Electricians

When seeking assistance from local electricians for repairs, renovations, or emergencies, it’s essential to consider the specific type of electrician required for the job at hand. Various categories of electricians specialize in different types of electrical projects, each with its unique skill set and responsibilities.

Journeymen Electricians Journeymen electricians are akin to individuals embarking on a journey of experience and expertise. They possess more knowledge than apprentices and trainees but are one step below master electricians in terms of proficiency. Journeymen electricians can work independently on residential and commercial assignments. Their duties typically include connecting transformers, circuit breakers, switches, and outlets, installing security and lighting systems, and inspecting and testing existing wiring systems. They may also oversee the work of apprentices.

Master Electricians Master electricians hold a distinguished title for a reason. In many states, individuals aspiring to become master electricians must have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and accumulate seven years of experience as journeymen before qualifying to take the master electrician exam. Master electricians possess extensive knowledge of electrical systems, building codes, safety regulations, and project management. They can design initial electrical systems for residential and commercial properties, a task beyond the scope of journeymen electricians. Additionally, master electricians often supervise apprentices and journeymen while managing their own business or working as subcontractors.

Residential Electricians Residential electricians are the most commonly encountered type of local electricians. Journeymen must work under the supervision of a master or residential electrician for four years before becoming eligible to sit for the licensure exam. Their responsibilities encompass planning, diagramming, installing, and repairing electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control equipment in residential settings. They also handle tasks such as measuring, cutting, bending, threading, assembling, and installing electrical conduit, as well as wiring electrical systems for heating, lighting, power, air conditioning, and communication systems. Like master electricians, residential electricians must adhere to the National Electrical Code, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Commercial Electricians Commercial electricians possess a skill set similar to residential electricians but specialize in servicing commercial buildings of various sizes. Their work may involve complex projects, such as medical buildings housing multiple tenants or large shopping malls accommodating numerous businesses. Commercial electricians handle the installation and maintenance of electrical systems tailored to commercial needs, including security, surveillance, and computer networks. Their expertise is vital in addressing the unique challenges posed by commercial environments.

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