10 Tips for Staying Cool in Chico During a Home Air Conditioning Repair

With temperatures soaring into the triple digits and summer activities in full swing, Chico, California is feeling the heat. The recent jump in temperature from a pleasant 84 degrees to a scorching 106 degrees has caught many residents off guard, especially with HVAC systems potentially needing repair. If you’re facing a home air conditioning repair and need to stay cool in the meantime, consider the following tips for a weekend of enjoyable (and cool) activities.

  1. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, especially in the heat.
  2. Utilize Fans: Make use of ceiling fans or electric fans indoors to create a cooling breeze.
  3. Minimize Lights: Keep lights off as much as possible and close blinds to reduce heat from sunlight.
  4. Ventilate: Open windows in the mornings and evenings to let in cooler air and create a draft, but close them during the hottest parts of the day.
  5. Dress Comfortably: Opt for lightweight, breathable clothing to stay comfortable in the heat.
  6. Enjoy a Kiddie Pool: Set up a kiddie pool for a refreshing way to cool off, suitable for both kids and adults.
  7. Visit One Mile Recreation Area: Take a dip in the swimming holes and creeks at Bidwell Park’s One Mile Recreation Area to escape the heat.
  8. Catch a Movie: Head to the movie theater for some cool, air-conditioned entertainment, often offered at discounted rates during the summer.
  9. Explore Thursday Night Market: Enjoy the farmers’ market, local artisans, and musical entertainment at Downtown Chico’s Thursday Night Market, complete with a fountain for cooling off.
  10. Indulge in Frozen Treats: Treat yourself to frozen yogurt or ice cream from local establishments like Jon & Bon’s or Shubert’s to beat the heat and satisfy your sweet tooth.

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